At Better Office Systems we have standardized on DocuWare to deliver document management and workflow automation to our clients.

DocuWare software enables our clients to digitize and optimize the processes that power the core of their business. By removing the tedious, manual tasks that drain a company’s energy, knowledge workers are free to focus on the projects that drive productivity and profit.

This program is able to manage all aspects of a client’s business. From automating common processes, enabling the mobile workfore, to Finance, Accounting, HR, Sales and Marketing, all aspects of a business can be digitally transformed with DocuWare.

Equally important is the different aspects of DocuWare can be added to the business as the client needs them. This allows the client to start small and grow with DocuWare as needed.

As DocuWare is now cloud based so there is no need to host a server locally, this reduces cost, and improves cyber security. It also allows the information to be accessed from anywhere increasing workforce productivity.

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