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7 Things to Ask When Hiring a Managed IT Provider

The choice to switch to a Managed IT provider can seem overwhelming. Knowing you need revamp your IT infrastructure and knowing how are two different things. We can help you bridge that gap, providing you with the confidence to choose the best provider. Identify the current strengths and weaknesses of your business. Which parts of [...]

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IT Security: Types of Phishing and How to Avoid Them

IT security is more important than ever for the modern business. Phishing attacks have become a common threat with the potential to affect any type of business. Phishing is the method of gathering personal or business information through the use of deceptive emails and websites. Today’s hackers continue to evolve their phishing attempts in ways [...]

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Top Benefits of Mobile Printing – Braden Business Systems

Today’s technological advancements provide companies with a variety of opportunities to improve the way business is conducted. Mobile printing is one of those advancements that should not be overlooked. Mobile printing allows you to print from any mobile device to a web-enabled, networked printer. There’s no shortage to what you can print—everything from documents to [...]

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Workflow Perks of Managed Print Services

Take a second to think about the workflows that occur in your Brownsburg office. In other words, consider the series of activities that are needed to complete a certain task. Now, think about how the number of steps necessary to complete one task are exponentially increased when considering the number of tasks necessary to complete [...]

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How Specific Industries Benefit from Wide Format Printers

When it comes to big ideas, you need a big canvas to work on. Wide format printers provide the solution to your printing needs when standard printers simply can’t get the job done. Wide format printers produce high quality images on large paper, which usually ranges from two to more than fifteen feet in width. [...]

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How an MSP Can Lower Costs and Increase Profits

A few months ago, we discussed the pros and cons of outsourcing the security of your IT infrastructure to a Managed Services Provider (MSP). In the article, we briefly showed you how contracting your IT security to an MSP can save you money. Today, we will expand on how working with an MSP to manage [...]

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BYOD Policy for Modern Offices

Take a look around and it’s easy to see the influence of mobile devices on our society. Even here in Greenwood, Indiana the proliferation of mobile is rampant. When we look specifically at the modern workplace, employees rely on laptops, mobile phones, tablets, and portable drives to carry out their job responsibilities. Unfortunately, these devices [...]

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Managed IT: How Outsourcing Increases Your ROI

Without the right knowledge and expertise on-hand, your IT spending can go through the roof in no time. It’s no secret that IT-related efforts are often expensive—that’s the just the way it is when dealing with technology. This is where Managed IT services come into play. Outsourcing with Managed IT can increase your ROI by [...]

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How Greenfield SMBs Still Benefit from Faxing

The fax machine remains an integral piece of equipment in today’s workplace. There’s a common misconception that it is outdated technology; yet, businesses of all kinds, including SMBs here in Greenfield, Indiana still rely on this type of communication today. With multifunction printers (MFPs), you can copy, scan, print, and fax all from one device. [...]

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