Beginner’s Guide to Fax Machine Troubleshooting

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Are you experiencing fax machine issues in the office?

If so, we can’t blame you. Equipment like copy machines and fax machines are tricky with their sensors, motors, and moving parts. And when it comes to fax machine troubleshooting, kicking the machine or slamming it over and over isn’t enough to get it back up and running.

In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about fax machine troubleshooting so you can easily take care of the problem if it arises at work.

You Can Send Faxes But Not Receive Them

If you’re unable to receive faxes, you should check with your phone company to see if you have any of these phone services on:

These services are designed to block unwanted calls, so it’s possible they’re also preventing you from receiving important faxes. If you’re experiencing this issue, you should contact your phone company and ask them to turn off the feature so you can start receiving your faxes again.

You Can Receive Faxes But Not Send Them

Are you unable to send faxes? If so, double check that you’ve entered the fax number correctly and included all of the necessary digits. It’s also possible that your fax machine has a poor connection, which will make it difficult to send out faxes.

If your fax machine is experiencing errors, you should check the machine manual or call the manufacturer to determine what is causing it. If the errors are related to communication, you should check to see if the phone line is fully plugged in and that you can clearly hear the dial tone. If you can’t hear this dial tone, call your phone company and have them inspect your line for any interferences.

You’re Experiencing Paper Jams

Paper jams are one of the most common (and frustrating) fax machine troubleshooting issues. If you have a smaller fax machine, the jam is most likely located in the document feeder or the printing area. If you have an industrial fax machine, there may be a sensor that will indicate exactly where the paper jam.

The best way to remove jammed paper from the fax machine is to pull the jammed paper in the way it naturally travels. if you pull it the other way, you’re likely to damage the wheels and gears of the system or leave bits of the paper stuck in the machine.

Your Documents Have Poor Image Quality

Another extremely fax machine problem is poor image quality.

Often times, pages will come out too dark or faded or have streaks and strange spots. You can address this issue by changing the darkness or density setting on the machine.

Final Thoughts on Fax Machine Troubleshooting Issues

Dealing with fax machine issues can be tedious and tiresome, but also easily fixed! If you follow the troubleshooting tips in this article, you’ll have your machine fixed in no time, and leave coworkers impressed by your rapid recovery skills.

Are you in the market for newer (and better) office technology? Do you need printers or multifunctional devices? If so, contact us to get a quote for some new office equipment!

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Tips for Fixing the Office Copy Machine

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Your copy machine helps with several areas of your company. But what happens when your copy machine breaks? Production stops running smoothly, right? And it probably feels a bit chaotic in the office when the copy machine stops working.

So, how do you go about fixing your copy machine? Do you fix it yourself or call a professional?

Fortunately, you can usually fix the copy machine with a little DIY. But there are times when you will need to call a professional.

Read these tips, get that copy machine fixed, and get work back on schedule. Here are some tips when fixing the office copy machine yourself.

Paper Jams

One of the most common reasons for office copy machine failure is paper jams.

It’s a super easy fix and should even cause the most technically inept little frustration. But you should always check the paper compartment and see if this is truly the issue.

Open up the paper compartment.

You’ll want to look for crumbled paper, incorrect or varying page sizes, too much paper, and fallen debris. These issues can easily be resolved by removing the excess, incorrect, or damaged paper, and picking out any debris.

But what if you find damage in the compartment, such as a broken part? You’ll have to call a professional.

Ink Issues

When you copy a document, is the ink visible? Or does the ink look chaotic and not uniform? Your copy machine is having ink issues. Maybe your black ink works fine, but your color ink is coming up blurry or uneven.

This could simply mean you need to buy more ink. But issues within the ink cartridge need to be fixed by a professional.

Pull out the ink cartridge and make sure your ink is low.

Look at your printer program and see if there’s a low ink warning. If your ink is filled and your software isn’t reporting any issues, you need to get your ink cartridge fixed by a professional.


If your copy machine is old or overused, it can overheat.

When your copy machine is overheating, it’s the first sign of other issues. These issues can be as simple as a busy copy machine but can be as severe as worn parts that need to be replaced.

If your copy machine is overheating, turn it off and unplug it. Let it cool down for a minute.

After a little while, plug it in and turn it back on. It probably needed some rest. You’ll know something is wrong is the copy machine is still hot, the fan is running ramped, and if there are warning messages displayed.

In this case, you may need to get the machine repaired. But make sure you ask for a quote first — it may be more worth it to buy a new copy machine.

Do You Need to Fix the Office Copy Machine?

Most copy machine errors are simple and can be fixed DIY. But some issues are more severe and require repairs or a replacement copy machine. Always check your owner’s manual or call the brand to clarify any issues or repairs.

Don’t ever procrastinate when your copy machine experiences issue. Act immediately to avoid further damage.

If you need a new copy machine, take a look at our products.

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How to Select the Best Energy Efficient Printer

admin : December 4, 2017 2:36 pm : Blog, Go Green

Printing will always be a part of the workplace. In this digital world, a document that you can hold and feel is trustworthy, familiar, and reassuring.

For businesses, printing is necessary and part of the overhead cost. Switching to an energy efficient printer is an excellent way to save money. You won’t have to pay as much on paper, ink, and electricity. And you will also perform a great service to our mother Earth.

If you are looking to buy a printer, there are lots of energy-efficient options on the market today. To help you choose the right one for your office, here are some of the things to look for.

Energy Star or EPEAT Qualifications

The Energy Star label on the printer is a badge of honor for energy efficiency. American businesses and families have saved 430 billion dollars on their energy bills since Energy Star was established in 1992. If your printer has energy star qualifications, it has passed rigorous testing for quality, efficiency, and environmental safety.

Similarly, EPEAT is a trusted source of environmental product ratings. They look at the full lifecycle of the product, from design and manufacturing to energy use and recycling.

Has a Sleep Mode or Automatic Shut Off

This feature is guaranteed to lower your electricity bills. Sleep mode or automatic shut off put your printer in a reduced power state if idle for a specified period of time.

If your printer has this function, you also might want to know if it has the ‘instant on’ capability. If your printer takes a long time to wake up, then you are wasting time (and also money).

Can Print Double-Sided

The benefits of duplex printing include saving money on paper costs and storage space. If trees could talk they will thank you.

You’ll want a printer that can do this automatically. You can do this manually but most people are not motivated enough to do this.

Has Various Quality Settings

Print on draft mode or on a lower quality setting as much as possible. This will help you save ink and electricity since the printer has less workload.

Black and White Specific If You Don’t Need Color

Most documents in the office don’t require to be printed in color. Pages with color are more expensive to print than black and white. They also require more time and energy to print.

Has Separate Ink Cartridges If You Need Color

Color printers use color inks at different rates. Printers with one cartridge for all colors tend to waste more ink. With separate ink cartridges, you only have to replace the color that is running low.

Uses High-Yield Ink or Toner

A high-yield cartridge contains more ink and can print more pages. This is usually more expensive than standard yield but can be cheaper in the long run if you print a lot.

Some printers also use solid ink technology. Empty ink and toner cartridges contribute to waste. Solid ink doesn’t need cartridges.

We Have the Energy Efficient Printer You Need

Looking for an energy efficient printer?

Check our product catalog and contact us if you have any questions.

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What You Should Look for in the Best Commercial Printing Services

admin : November 7, 2017 5:17 pm : Blog, Print

A large offset printing press running a long roll off paper over its rollers at high speedPrinting presses have been around for hundreds of years. But in 2017, there’s an oversaturated market of over 30,000 commercial printing companies, making it difficult to know which is the best fit for you.

Furthermore, only a few of these companies are worth your time and money.

When deciding on who to use for your commercial printing services, there are a few things to consider. From visiting websites to discussing prospective print costs, it’s time to consider your top 5 contenders.

The last thing you want is to end up disappointed with your prints.

Whether you’re using them for marketing or to host an event, your signage is the face of your brand. Let what’s printed and posted about your business/brand speak volumes about your professionalism.

Here’s what to look for in the best printing services.

Quality Printing

Just because the commercial printing services you are considering may have a chic website does not mean that they will make quality prints. Even if they claim to have the best equipment on the market, you need to investigate what they actually produce.

When considering a printing service, ask them to supply samples of their work. Ask them what they feel they do best and what they can offer your specific printing needs.

If your requirements are unique and specific, then ask them if they have printed for someone in your field before. If so, check out their work!

If you like what you see, the chances are high that you’ll also be happy with your end result.

Customer Service

You can usually tell if you want to work with someone or not based off of your first phone conversation with them. Consider their customer service, their people skills, and their willingness to do what it takes to make a great finished product.

If you feel like you aren’t familiar enough with certain commercial printing services to use them, ask for references. Research how other people’s user experiences with them were.

Read sites like Yelp to get some insight.

Competitive Pricing In Commercial Printing Services

After you’ve done your work researching which companies will meet your needs, ask for pricing or a quote. You should gather a few quotes from different companies.

That way when you go in to discuss the total cost of your project, you can show your potential printing service the research you’ve done. If you vet your printers appropriately, the prices you receive from them should all be fairly similar.


Look for commercial printing services that have a fantastic reputation for collaborating with their customers. After you bring everything you can to the table, you’ll want new ideas and inspiration that experienced printers can offer.

Let your printed projects stand out from the crowd by collaborating with those in the know. Find a printer who listens to you and what you want instead of talking at you.

Print and Press

Beautifully printed signs, posters, flyers, and brochures can make all the difference at your next big event. They can also speak volumes about your brand if they are posted around town.

Choose the best services in your area that can help you accomplish your printing dreams.

For a quote on your next printing project, contact us today.

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How to Choose Your Print Marketing Materials

admin : October 4, 2017 4:30 pm : Better Office Systems, Blog, Document Management

Even though social media is changing the way companies attract business, print marketing is still an effective way to gain more customers. In fact, 56 percent of people find print marketing to be the most trustworthy of all marketing channels.

Your business still needs print marketing materials, but choosing the right ones can be difficult. Business cards, flyers, posters – which are right for you? How do you come up with a design?

In this guide, you’ll learn which materials you should invest in and what to look for in a design. Keep reading to make the most of your print marketing campaign.

Which Print Marketing Materials Do You Need?

You can engage with your audience through many forms of print marketing. Here are a few you may want to consider.


For a more thoughtful way to communicate with your customers, try a cost-effective postcard. Studies show that postcards may even be more effective than email marketing because they are less intrusive.


Flyers are an effective way to let people know about a promotion your company is running or an event you have coming up. Always include a call to action, emphasizing the most important details of the event. Those in event management will definitely want to use flyers as their print marketing materials.

Business cards

Business cards are handy for professionals who are always networking. They are essentially a way for the person you’re connecting with to remember you and get in touch with you. Lawyers, financial planners and most professionals can benefit from having a business card.


Brochures allow you to give your audience a snapshot into what your business offers. You have more room to showcase features and benefits and add color with enticing images. People who are in real estate can benefit from having a brochure to give new home buyers.


Catalogs offer a visual representation of all of your company’s products. These are great to have with you if you’re meeting with a prospect who you know is looking to buy your product. Network marketers and sales representatives will want to have catalogs as part of their print marketing materials.

You may need a few of these materials for different purposes, or you may find that your type of business only needs to invest in one type. Either way, your print marketing materials are the first impression of your business and should look attractive.

Creating the Perfect Print Design

The right colors and font choices can make a big impact on the effectiveness of your print marketing materials. Here are a few tips for deciding on these crucial elements.


When choosing fonts, it’s important to work with a couple versus only using one font. Aim to create a visual contrast, using one font for titles and headings and a different font for your body text.

Your font should be easy to read but also eye-catching. Optimize legibility by including enough white space in your text.

Also, consider your brand’s values and personality when selecting a font. For example, a health-conscious company might go for a natural, handwritten look while a technical might go for a bold, minimalist font.


Colors play an important role in marketing because of their persuasion effects. In fact, up to 90 percent of snap judgments made about products are based on color alone.

Instead of trying to find the right color associated with a certain emotion you hope to elicit from your audience, the color choice should first and foremost represent your brand. Use colors that best represent that feeling and mood of your own brand versus trying to match consumer responses. Color in your print marketing materials should support your brand personality.

Printing Services

Determine which print marketing materials you may need to best communicate with your target audience. Keep your brand personality in mind when making design choices. With attractive materials, your prospects are sure to become loyal customers.

Need help with your print marketing campaign? Check out our managed print services that will help you increase your brand while sticking to your budget.

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A Complete Guide to Buying Office Copiers

admin : September 5, 2017 8:40 pm : Atlanta, Better Office Systems, Blog, Document Management

Academic discussions about the paperless office appear in business magazines almost every year. Even so, most businesses depend on paper.

Everything from quarterly reports to marketing collateral gets printed up and passed around. Contracts and tax documents get printed and filed. The workhorse at the heart of all this printing is the humble copier.

While regular maintenance can extend the life of office copiers, you should expect to replace yours every 3 to 5 years. The smart move is to pick one before yours breaks down. That’s why we’ve prepared this guide to buying office copiers.

Let’s jump in!

Copier Types

If you run a one or two-person business with low printing demands, you can probably get away with a personal copier. You’ll have to choose between laser and inkjet, but laser tends to be cheaper on a per page basis.

If you run a multi-person office with moderate to high printing demands, you’ll need a true office copier. These machines typically use a printing process similar to laser printers. The higher end copiers offer additional features, such as faxing and networked printing.

Office Copiers Speeds and Volume

You’ll also need to consider printing speeds and volume.

Every machine will be capable of a certain number of pages per minute. If your staff needs to make a lot of copies, a higher ppm will help to prevent a traffic jam around the copier.

Each machine will also have a recommended volume of pages per month. The volume of your new copier should exceed your current needs to accommodate future growth. You usually get usage data from the old copier or tally estimates from your employees.

Auto Document Feeder

If you need to make copies of a lot of long documents, you’ll almost certainly want to invest in a copier with an auto document feeder.

With the auto feed, all you need to do is put the document into the appropriate tray. The machine pulls the pages inside, scans them, and then prints up the however many copies you selected. While the machine does that, you can go back to work.

If you do get an auto document feed copier, you want one that collates the pages. This frees you from organizing the individual pages afterward.


A feature that’s helpful in offices with high printing demands is duplexing.

This feature takes scans of two individual pages and prints them onto the front and back of a single page. It’s an easy way to cut your paper costs.

Duplex copying can be slower than single side copying. You’ll want to be sure that duplex ppm rate is fast enough before you buy or lease a specific copier.

Parting Thoughts

With so many office copiers on the market, you don’t want to pick one in a rush.

You new copier needs the features that are mission critical for your business, such as networked printing or fax options. You also need a copier that’s fast enough and has sufficient volume to meet your present and future print demands.

Finances permitting, you may also want to invest in features that make life easier or help cut costs.

Better Office Systems specializes in office equipment. If you need help picking out the right copier for your business, contact us today.

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To Print-finity and Beyond

admin : August 22, 2017 3:28 pm : Atlanta, Blog, Print

Toshiba has recently launched their e-STUDIO3508LP, a printer that is taking printers out of the neolithic age and putting them in 2017, finally! The e-STUDIO3508LP has the ability to erase paper. Yep, you read that correctly, erase paper. Erasable paper allows businesses the chance to reuse paper up to four times!

Print in traditional black or erasable blue toner and when you’re done, feed the pages back into the printer and Voila! Is reusable ink and paper the next step towards more advanced office sustainability? We certainly think so.

Toshiba has tapped into an accessible, ingenious mode that will improve sustainability without hindering the process. While paperless offices are still widely discussed, the fact is that a lot of offices aren’t ready or are unwilling to let go of paper altogether. Erasable ink is the wonderful middle ground that many offices have been looking for!

The erasable ink can even be paired with Pilot erasable pens or highlighters. If you need to mark up an erasable blue document, all markings made with Pilot pens will also be removed during the printer’s erase process.

We’re not surprised that this incredible innovation was brought forth by Toshiba. Time and time again, Toshiba has brought their knowledge and ingenuity to sustainable practices as well as their printing processes.

In fact, they’ve been honored with yet another reward! Toshiba recently announced that its e-STUDIO4508A has earned Keypoint Intelligence – Buyers Lab’s Summer 2017 Pick. Toshiba’s latest monochrome product surpassed comparable multifunction peripherals (MFPs) in reliability, usability, security, value and features during six months of rigorous, side-by-side product testing.

“Recently Toshiba’s e-STUDIO5005AC, e-STUDIO6506AC, and e-STUDIO4508A have received Keypoint Intelligence-Buyers Lab’s ‘Highly Recommended’ and ‘Highly Reliable’. This time, the e-STUDIO4508A has also won the Pick award 2017 summer, and we are very proud that Toshiba’s MFPs are recognized as the valuable products to contribute to our customers, for example, achieving better communication and smarter workflow,” said Sachio Koyama, General Manager of Products, Marketing & Service Division, Toshiba Tec Corporation.

We are honored to offer Toshiba products to Atlanta and Alpharetta businesses. This is your chance to modernize the office without sacrificing security or information. All of our technicians are trained experts in their field. If you have any questions about your print environment, costs, or are simply looking for an easier way to manage your documents, contact us today!

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Best Business Practices: Going Green

admin : July 24, 2017 5:39 pm : Corporate

It may still be on the tail-end of summer but we’re still dreaming about green. The warmth of the outdoors, green grass, and frost-free windows is our biggest wish in these summer months.

No matter what industry you’re in, going green is a necessity and marks responsible, efficient business practices. So what steps should you take to ensure that you’re doing everything you can around the office? Better Office Systems is here to give you a few tips on the best Green business practices.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Recycling is the biggest and greatest step you can take as a business, yet very few businesses have done so. Initiate a recycling plan for you and your employees and stick to it. It goes beyond just conserving paper, many parts and products can be sent to their manufacturer to be recycled. Make sure you utilize this great opportunity and do your part for environmental responsibility.

Print What You Need

Think before you print is a practice every office should use. It’s easy to simply press “Ctrl+p” without a second thought but urge your employees, as well as yourself, to really think about what they’re printing and how much. With innovations in technology, notes and research can largely be done digitally.

Dig Into Duplex

The unsung hero of the printing world is definitely double-sided printing. Cut your paper usage by 50% by switching your policy to double sided printing when applicable.

Color Your Print Processes Green

Innovations in technology and BYOD has made it easier than ever to stay connected and inform. Consider using your technology to replace notes or documents. Use an iPad, share things digitally, make the most out of what you have.

Choose Green Solutions

Always choose green office solutions. Machines that are Energy Star qualified and include duplexing capabilities are efficient and environmentally responsible. You can also take a closer look at your inks and paper, is it non-toxic inks? Soy or vegetable-based? Is the paper recycled? Remember; every little bit helps!

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5 Reasons You Should Stick to Scanning

admin : June 16, 2017 2:28 pm : Better Office Systems, Blog, Document Management

Summer is here and the sun is high in the sky. Now is the time to rethink your document management and focus on the future.

One of the best things you can do for your business is to simplify your documents. Document management is an every day strife but thanks to scanning capabilities it doesn’t have to be. Digitize your records and take back your time, increase productivity, and save money.

Making Messes Manageable

Everything’s easier when you can find it. Digitizing your documents may be a slow process but imagine just being able to search your database with a keyword and finding everything that you’re looking for. Managing your document records digitally is not only smart, but it’s more conducive. Keep your business up-to-date and adapt with the technology, not against it.

Planning for the Unexpected

If your building caught on fire, would your documents be safe? Although they may physically be affected, scanning to the cloud will ensure that your documents survive digitally! Paper is incredibly vulnerable to natural disasters and theft, but digital documents are protected with safeguards that will lead to their longevity.

Actually Find What You’re Looking For

“Have you seen this file?” Questioning your coworkers is a thing of the past when it comes to efficient document management. Save your time, and your breath, with convenient indexing features when you scan. Not only is your digital copy right at your fingertips, it’s also east to find!

De-clutter and Recover

While you shift from physical to digital copies, the surface of your desk will slowly start to reveal itself. Imagine having the space for more; pictures, calendars, mugs–oh my! A digital hub of documents will slowly empty the office in the best of ways. More space means a better mindset for every work day. Show off your desk with a clean, minimalist look that will feel efficient and productive!

Go Green, Save Green!

Don’t let the daunting task keep your business from going digital. Many companies find themselves hesitant to go completely digital due to the sheer volume of documents. Don’t let yourself be scared into not taking the time. Over the course of the years, scanning your documents not only manages your digital files, but it also saves time and money in the long run. A shift towards a digital record will also help you save paper and push your office towards environmentally friendly practices.

Soulful Scanning

Better Office Systems is offering Atlanta and Alpharetta businesses the chance to modernize their office without sacrificing security or information. All of our technicians are trained experts in their field. If you have any questions about your print environment, costs, or are simply looking for an easier way to manage your documents, contact us today!

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Diving Into Digital Print

admin : May 15, 2017 6:09 pm : Atlanta, Better Office Systems, Blog, Print

The print industry has gone through many changes throughout the years. After a recession and troubled times the print industry has bounced back and is doing better than ever. Focusing on sustainability and innovation has created a completely new area of expertise.

Printing has found its feet on the ground once more and has taken off running with digital print innovations. Despite the steady increase, some companies are still finding themselves hesitant to reinvest and take advantage of this growing industry.

If you haven’t already focused on the benefits that these services can offer you, your business, and clientele than you should reconsider. The print industry has widened its market with the strides in technology. No longer does printing mean documents for proposals and catalogs (though of course, that will always be a given). The options are endless and can extend to include binding, posters, promotional items, car decals, and even unique items such as coasters.

Outsourcing major and specialty printing has grown popular over the last few years due to lack of technology or knowledge.

Printers have also changed selling and communication techniques, creating more of a partner experience rather than the traditional “buyer and seller” method.

The print industry is moving forward in business, innovation, and sustainability as well. As we grow in population and the need to expand is great, we are all trying to do our part to find more sustainable resources and material. The print industry has taken enormous strides in creating recyclable and reusable products and have taken an active stance in sustainable responsibility.

Print is not dead; in fact, it’s the very opposite. Print is growing, creating more jobs, revenue, and success than many other large business sectors.

Be a part of this rising industry and customize the look and feel of your business.

Check out some of the ways print is growing!

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