3 Tips to Avoid Paper Jams

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You’ve opened for business. There is a line of people waiting at your front desk. Then, the unthinkable happens–your paper jams in the only office printer! You start to panic…

Paper jams are common in all office settings. Some companies may even experience jams on a daily basis.

Not only do jams disrupt workflow, they cause an inconvenience your customers. They’re also a hassle for your staff to try and fix.

We’ve got a better office solution for you! Over the years we’ve learned tips and tricks about printers.

Read on for our top three tips is avoiding paper jams.

Tip #1 Check the Paper to Avoid Paper Jams

Check the corners of your paper for bent edges.

You’ll want to focus on weeding out any pages that appear wrinkled or damaged. Recycle any pages that have tears.

The goal is to keep paper from getting stuck in the conveyor belt inside the printer.

Tip #2 Don’t Overfill Your Printer Tray

This tip is key for avoiding paper jams.

Overfilling a printer can cause the printer to malfunction. You might receive various alerts or error messages.

Paper measurements are also important to consider. What kind of paper are you using? What does your input tray allow?

Put the correct type of paper in a tray to the specified level. Overfilling will cause other pages to get snagged during printing. Also, using the correct size paper will ensure better quality prints.

Tip #3 Fan It out

When refilling your printer, fan out the stack.

Fanning out the stack helps separate pages that may be stuck together. This practice also helps the printer.

It makes it easier for the printer to grab one page at a time. This minimizes paper jams because many pages the printer won’t grab all the paper at once.

Better Office Systems

If you’re having trouble with your office printer, let us help! We’re experts in the business and want to improve your daily efficiency.

Stop worrying about paper jams slowing down progress! Check out our print audit product for print management services.

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Top 3 Tips for Smooth Scanning

admin : July 27, 2018 12:29 pm : Corporate

Scanning any mess of documents is risky business. Many jams occur when little details go overlooked. Countless businesses have suffered from paper jams. Jams can be costly to repair and they generally take away from daily revenue. Some jams even result in damage to the machine, which may result in having to buy a brand new scanner.

Save yourself and your staff the trouble and stress of demystifying the office scanner. Prep your documents for smooth scanning with these easy-to-follow tips!

Tip 1: Remove Metal Before Scanning

The first step when prepping documents for the scanner is to remove any metal.

This includes:

  • Paperclips
  • Staples
  • Brand binder clips

All these will cause jams and damage to your scanner.

Tip 2: Check Paper

Before scanning any set or single document, check for ripped pages. This is commonly overlooked as insignificant when it is anything but.

Ripped paper can become trapped in the scanner which only makes removing the page more difficult.

A great practice to avoid jams is to fan out printing paper before replacing it inside the scanner’s tray.

Tip 3: Clean Your Scanner

The final tip for smooth scanning is to clean your scanner. When replacing ink, check for clumps that you can be dust away. Be certain your scanner is sitting on a flat surface. Dust your scanner often, especially if it exposed throughout the business day. Keeping your scanner clean will ensure better quality scans.

Upgrade the Office

Upgrading your scanner with Better Office Systems. Our products are designed to meet various companies needs and expectations. We provide top of the line scanners that’ll provide you with smooth scanning for years to come. Our various scanners allow you to choose the right product for your business. Give us a call at (770) 781-1628 for more information!

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3 Easy Steps to Improving your Home Office

admin : June 25, 2018 3:20 pm : Corporate

Don’t you wish there was an easy way to improve your home office?

Well, you’re in luck! We’ve been in the office industry for several years. That’s how we’ve come to discover these clever tips on improving a home office.

Follow us along as we share our insider tips, tricks, and steps on turning a sad home office into a dream!

1. Improve storage.

The first move you’ll want to make is making room. Organization and decluttering will help with improving space. There is no shame in getting creative with your organization, either. In fact, we encourage you to have as much fun with this as possible! You can even use your storage and organization tools as a form of decor.

How so? You may ask.

You can use shelves, containers/bins, or folders in different colors, patterns, or designs. There are a series of options for improving storage.

We recommend:

Stations. Create stations with their own individual purpose. For example, a mail station could be a small blue container for all outgoing mail. If you have a heavy inbox, then you can have a yellow container all incoming mail.

Use the walls. Hanging shelves are a great way to take advantage of wall space. They alleviate desk space and look chic!

2. Categorize

Categorizing is a treasure! Making categories puts everything in order. You’ll never lose anything; and if you do, categories will make it easier to find.

Color-coding. You can pick up a packet of color-coded labels or stickers at any local office supply store. These can easily serve as a labeling tool for different categories. Put all to-do task in one pile and designate a certain color for the pile.

3. Throw away old home office supplies.

The time has come to be rid of the old and bring in the new. The only way to declutter is to rid yourself of items that take up space. Sift through your home office supplies: is there anything you don’t need? Try to strive for keeping only the bare minimum.

Paper. Go through old stacks of documents and shred away all that’s not needed for the future. Great documents to shred are:

  • utility bills
  • ATM receipts
  • bank statements
  • credit card statements
  • voided checks
  • employee pay stubs and records

You’ll never want to shred medical records, insurance documents, will, certificates of birth/death or marriage/divorce.

Technology. While it’s bittersweet, throwing away that dusty projector won’t be so difficult when you see how much room it leaves you will.

Better Office Systems to the Rescue

You can always replace the old with a little something new. Our products are top of the line for home office use. We’re certain our products and services will reach your expectations. Give us a call at (770) 781-1628!

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Office Designs to Improve Productivity

admin : May 25, 2018 7:03 pm : Corporate

Your office design could improve your employee’s productivity!

In our years of experience, Better Office Systems has come to discover that offices are not just printers, copiers, and services. Offices contain people with dreams, desires, and senses.

Stimulating the senses helps people stay grounded, focused and more able to produce good quality work.

Switching up office designs help companies give off better vibes. Here’s why we think staying modern and fresh has its perks.


It’s best to start by looking at the layout of your office space.

Is the layout open or closed? Not sure? Here’s how you can tell!

Take a look around. If there are many walls cutting co-workers off from each other than this is a closed office design. Open layouts is a large open space were most employees congregate.

Tailoring the details to an opened or closed setting makes the room more appealing to employees. You’ll also be able to better choose decorations, lighting, or lounge spaces that’ll provide optimal comfort.

Ensuring your employee’s comfort will lessen their stress and increase their productivity!

Conference area

One of the most significant areas in an office design is a conference area.

Many modern office designs have implemented glass walls. Many installation companies offer products like privacy glass to allow for important business meetings. Privacy glass is generally recommended for companies that meet with clients. The private setting lets the client feel more at ease to share personals concerns.

Room dividers are also great office design additions for companies that have multiple meetings throughout the day. Like glass walls, room dividers can be clear glass or privacy glass. Privacy glass is frosted to limit visibility inside and outside the room.

Privacy glass conference rooms tell your employees that a certain area is “off-limits” for a meeting so there will be no unprofessional interruptions. You can feel confident that you’ll be undisturbed by outside distractions.

Lounge area

Aside from the conference area, the lounge or break area is the second most important area in your office design.

Your employees spend most of their time in the office. Having a calm setting to relax and unwind is vital for their productivity. Stress takes a told, so adding in stress relievers like a space for yoga could vastly improve stress levels.

Be an overachiever and go full-Google on your team!

Add in an adult-size jungle-gym or a slide. No one is ever too old for a little recess after lunch. Studies show that even a slight amount of light exercise after eating keeps people healthy!

Think outside the box!

Office work can get boring if you’re not considering alternatives. Spruce up your office design, and we’re certain you’ll see an increased improvement in productivity!

Maybe the work is just too much! Better Office Systems is here to help.

Don’t let the work pile on! Give us a call (770) 781-1628 for some reinforcement. We’ll walk you through our products to find the right fit that suits your needs!

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The Importance of Document Security

admin : April 30, 2018 8:14 pm : Better Office Systems, Blog

Companies in the U.S. lose more than $600 billion a year due to fraud! That makes document security a top priority for businesses in any industry.

Any given company that handles sensitive information such as payment information, or customer personal information—paperless or not—requires proper record management and document security.

Since most companies will come across document security at some point, it’s important to stay up-to-date on security offers and features.

Let’s find out what document security can do for your business.

First, let’s define document security.

What is document security?

Document security is about keeping files safely stored away. It’s about adapting the best security processes and proper disposal techniques for your documents.

Having devices that incorporate security features is an excellent business practice because it keeps information private and unchangeable. Having security features on your documents prevents people from tampering with sensitive information, whether the information is yours or your client’s.

Document security can be a benefit to your company in a variety of ways. Lucky for us, it’s a versatile function.

Some security functions include:

  • Sharing documents
  • Document tracking with name, date, and time
  • Controlling who views/edits share documents
  • Data loss and prevention


Data encryption plays a big role in document security.

Encryption is specifically designed to hide, protect, and safeguard important documents from unauthorized eyes. It also helps to preserve original documents, so others can’t change the valuable information an original creator sends.

Sounds great, but there is a small drawback to encryption. Once an authorized recipient removes the encryption on a file, that information can only be edited by that person. From there, depending on the recipient’s knowledge of maintaining a file’s security, information could be leaked.

It’s important to remember that encryption is a form of technology without judgment. So long as you mark who is and is not able to view encrypted data, then your information will be protected.

At Better Office Systems, we sell Toshiba products that have made an innovative effort to include security features in their products. Toshiba’s Secure MFP, features include data encryption or data erase.

How can Better Office Systems help improve your business?

Better Office Systems offers insights on document security and provides devices that come equipped with high-quality security initiatives.

Our team is here to help improve your business and solidify your presence on the market. We use reliable sources that have proven beneficial to various companies.

You can browse our Toshiba products with document security features, or give us a call at (770) 781-1628!

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5 Things You Didn’t Know About Your Office Copier

admin : March 30, 2018 7:54 am : Better Office Systems, Blog

It’s hard to imagine life without office copiers.

They have become as familiar a feature in the workplace as coffee makers and paper clips. But are you getting the most out of your copier?

You’d be shocked at just how versatile modern copiers are. Many of them are designed with features that most of us might never have explored or taken advantage of.

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Your Office Copier

Despite the name, the typical office copier provides a lot of depth, yet nearly no one knows how to unlock this hidden potential, until now.

1. Scan Paper Documents to Make Editable Electronic Documents

How many times have you retyped a document in order to make changes because it’s only available in paper format? This can be such a waste of valuable time. Even worse, perhaps your computer crashed and the document wasn’t saved, and now it’s lost forever, except for the single hard copy on your desk.

It’s as simple as scanning your hard copy into the office copier directly into Microsoft Word or a PDF.

2. Create Mail-Ready Envelopes

Using the office copy machine to print mail-ready envelopes takes a huge amount of time out of the process of starting a direct mail campaign. There’s no need to have a specialized envelope printer

An office copier with envelope-printing capabilities can print directly onto envelopes, including address information that changes from envelope to envelope.

3. Track Costs

Copy paper and toner can be one of the most significant sources of spending in any office. Hundreds if not thousands of pages of documents are churned out by each of these machines each and every day of the year. This is both expensive and bad for the environment.

Your office copier makes it easy to track company, departmental, and even individual printing patterns in order to determine precisely how much is being spent on printing. This helps to better measure inefficiencies and cut costs.

4. Scan to Email and Scan to the Cloud

Multifunction copiers make it possible to greatly reduce paper usage from your workflow.

These office copiers allow you to establish pre-set inboxes to use as destinations for scanned documents, or to send to various cloud-based storage services.

5. Document Security

Today’s copy machines have the ability to encrypt documents that are scanned and stored on your network.

Other great security features include the use of individual PIN codes, login photos, and proximity cards. These features restrict access and usage to documents and workflows on the copier panel itself.

The Hidden Secrets of Your Copier

Multi-Function Products, or MFP’s, are loaded with features to help save your company money and to enable the office to run more smoothly and efficiently. With a few simple clicks, you are able to save valuable time and resources, while keeping your documents secure.

These machines are designed with advanced technology that often times go completely unused and ignored. Taking the time to learn these seemingly hidden features can change the way you perform day to day tasks by saving valuable man-hours.

Contact us for to see how we can help with your office copier needs.

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Beginner’s Guide to Fax Machine Troubleshooting

admin : February 2, 2018 10:39 pm : Blog

Are you experiencing fax machine issues in the office?

If so, we can’t blame you. Equipment like copy machines and fax machines are tricky with their sensors, motors, and moving parts. And when it comes to fax machine troubleshooting, kicking the machine or slamming it over and over isn’t enough to get it back up and running.

In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about fax machine troubleshooting so you can easily take care of the problem if it arises at work.

You Can Send Faxes But Not Receive Them

If you’re unable to receive faxes, you should check with your phone company to see if you have any of these phone services on:

These services are designed to block unwanted calls, so it’s possible they’re also preventing you from receiving important faxes. If you’re experiencing this issue, you should contact your phone company and ask them to turn off the feature so you can start receiving your faxes again.

You Can Receive Faxes But Not Send Them

Are you unable to send faxes? If so, double check that you’ve entered the fax number correctly and included all of the necessary digits. It’s also possible that your fax machine has a poor connection, which will make it difficult to send out faxes.

If your fax machine is experiencing errors, you should check the machine manual or call the manufacturer to determine what is causing it. If the errors are related to communication, you should check to see if the phone line is fully plugged in and that you can clearly hear the dial tone. If you can’t hear this dial tone, call your phone company and have them inspect your line for any interferences.

You’re Experiencing Paper Jams

Paper jams are one of the most common (and frustrating) fax machine troubleshooting issues. If you have a smaller fax machine, the jam is most likely located in the document feeder or the printing area. If you have an industrial fax machine, there may be a sensor that will indicate exactly where the paper jam.

The best way to remove jammed paper from the fax machine is to pull the jammed paper in the way it naturally travels. if you pull it the other way, you’re likely to damage the wheels and gears of the system or leave bits of the paper stuck in the machine.

Your Documents Have Poor Image Quality

Another extremely fax machine problem is poor image quality.

Often times, pages will come out too dark or faded or have streaks and strange spots. You can address this issue by changing the darkness or density setting on the machine.

Final Thoughts on Fax Machine Troubleshooting Issues

Dealing with fax machine issues can be tedious and tiresome, but also easily fixed! If you follow the troubleshooting tips in this article, you’ll have your machine fixed in no time, and leave coworkers impressed by your rapid recovery skills.

Are you in the market for newer (and better) office technology? Do you need printers or multifunctional devices? If so, contact us to get a quote for some new office equipment!

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Tips for Fixing the Office Copy Machine

admin : January 2, 2018 1:44 pm : Blog

Your copy machine helps with several areas of your company. But what happens when your copy machine breaks? Production stops running smoothly, right? And it probably feels a bit chaotic in the office when the copy machine stops working.

So, how do you go about fixing your copy machine? Do you fix it yourself or call a professional?

Fortunately, you can usually fix the copy machine with a little DIY. But there are times when you will need to call a professional.

Read these tips, get that copy machine fixed, and get work back on schedule. Here are some tips when fixing the office copy machine yourself.

Paper Jams

One of the most common reasons for office copy machine failure is paper jams.

It’s a super easy fix and should even cause the most technically inept little frustration. But you should always check the paper compartment and see if this is truly the issue.

Open up the paper compartment.

You’ll want to look for crumbled paper, incorrect or varying page sizes, too much paper, and fallen debris. These issues can easily be resolved by removing the excess, incorrect, or damaged paper, and picking out any debris.

But what if you find damage in the compartment, such as a broken part? You’ll have to call a professional.

Ink Issues

When you copy a document, is the ink visible? Or does the ink look chaotic and not uniform? Your copy machine is having ink issues. Maybe your black ink works fine, but your color ink is coming up blurry or uneven.

This could simply mean you need to buy more ink. But issues within the ink cartridge need to be fixed by a professional.

Pull out the ink cartridge and make sure your ink is low.

Look at your printer program and see if there’s a low ink warning. If your ink is filled and your software isn’t reporting any issues, you need to get your ink cartridge fixed by a professional.


If your copy machine is old or overused, it can overheat.

When your copy machine is overheating, it’s the first sign of other issues. These issues can be as simple as a busy copy machine but can be as severe as worn parts that need to be replaced.

If your copy machine is overheating, turn it off and unplug it. Let it cool down for a minute.

After a little while, plug it in and turn it back on. It probably needed some rest. You’ll know something is wrong is the copy machine is still hot, the fan is running ramped, and if there are warning messages displayed.

In this case, you may need to get the machine repaired. But make sure you ask for a quote first — it may be more worth it to buy a new copy machine.

Do You Need to Fix the Office Copy Machine?

Most copy machine errors are simple and can be fixed DIY. But some issues are more severe and require repairs or a replacement copy machine. Always check your owner’s manual or call the brand to clarify any issues or repairs.

Don’t ever procrastinate when your copy machine experiences issue. Act immediately to avoid further damage.

If you need a new copy machine, take a look at our products.

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How to Select the Best Energy Efficient Printer

admin : December 4, 2017 2:36 pm : Blog, Go Green

Printing will always be a part of the workplace. In this digital world, a document that you can hold and feel is trustworthy, familiar, and reassuring.

For businesses, printing is necessary and part of the overhead cost. Switching to an energy efficient printer is an excellent way to save money. You won’t have to pay as much on paper, ink, and electricity. And you will also perform a great service to our mother Earth.

If you are looking to buy a printer, there are lots of energy-efficient options on the market today. To help you choose the right one for your office, here are some of the things to look for.

Energy Star or EPEAT Qualifications

The Energy Star label on the printer is a badge of honor for energy efficiency. American businesses and families have saved 430 billion dollars on their energy bills since Energy Star was established in 1992. If your printer has energy star qualifications, it has passed rigorous testing for quality, efficiency, and environmental safety.

Similarly, EPEAT is a trusted source of environmental product ratings. They look at the full lifecycle of the product, from design and manufacturing to energy use and recycling.

Has a Sleep Mode or Automatic Shut Off

This feature is guaranteed to lower your electricity bills. Sleep mode or automatic shut off put your printer in a reduced power state if idle for a specified period of time.

If your printer has this function, you also might want to know if it has the ‘instant on’ capability. If your printer takes a long time to wake up, then you are wasting time (and also money).

Can Print Double-Sided

The benefits of duplex printing include saving money on paper costs and storage space. If trees could talk they will thank you.

You’ll want a printer that can do this automatically. You can do this manually but most people are not motivated enough to do this.

Has Various Quality Settings

Print on draft mode or on a lower quality setting as much as possible. This will help you save ink and electricity since the printer has less workload.

Black and White Specific If You Don’t Need Color

Most documents in the office don’t require to be printed in color. Pages with color are more expensive to print than black and white. They also require more time and energy to print.

Has Separate Ink Cartridges If You Need Color

Color printers use color inks at different rates. Printers with one cartridge for all colors tend to waste more ink. With separate ink cartridges, you only have to replace the color that is running low.

Uses High-Yield Ink or Toner

A high-yield cartridge contains more ink and can print more pages. This is usually more expensive than standard yield but can be cheaper in the long run if you print a lot.

Some printers also use solid ink technology. Empty ink and toner cartridges contribute to waste. Solid ink doesn’t need cartridges.

We Have the Energy Efficient Printer You Need

Looking for an energy efficient printer?

Check our product catalog and contact us if you have any questions.

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What You Should Look for in the Best Commercial Printing Services

admin : November 7, 2017 5:17 pm : Blog, Print

A large offset printing press running a long roll off paper over its rollers at high speedPrinting presses have been around for hundreds of years. But in 2017, there’s an oversaturated market of over 30,000 commercial printing companies, making it difficult to know which is the best fit for you.

Furthermore, only a few of these companies are worth your time and money.

When deciding on who to use for your commercial printing services, there are a few things to consider. From visiting websites to discussing prospective print costs, it’s time to consider your top 5 contenders.

The last thing you want is to end up disappointed with your prints.

Whether you’re using them for marketing or to host an event, your signage is the face of your brand. Let what’s printed and posted about your business/brand speak volumes about your professionalism.

Here’s what to look for in the best printing services.

Quality Printing

Just because the commercial printing services you are considering may have a chic website does not mean that they will make quality prints. Even if they claim to have the best equipment on the market, you need to investigate what they actually produce.

When considering a printing service, ask them to supply samples of their work. Ask them what they feel they do best and what they can offer your specific printing needs.

If your requirements are unique and specific, then ask them if they have printed for someone in your field before. If so, check out their work!

If you like what you see, the chances are high that you’ll also be happy with your end result.

Customer Service

You can usually tell if you want to work with someone or not based off of your first phone conversation with them. Consider their customer service, their people skills, and their willingness to do what it takes to make a great finished product.

If you feel like you aren’t familiar enough with certain commercial printing services to use them, ask for references. Research how other people’s user experiences with them were.

Read sites like Yelp to get some insight.

Competitive Pricing In Commercial Printing Services

After you’ve done your work researching which companies will meet your needs, ask for pricing or a quote. You should gather a few quotes from different companies.

That way when you go in to discuss the total cost of your project, you can show your potential printing service the research you’ve done. If you vet your printers appropriately, the prices you receive from them should all be fairly similar.


Look for commercial printing services that have a fantastic reputation for collaborating with their customers. After you bring everything you can to the table, you’ll want new ideas and inspiration that experienced printers can offer.

Let your printed projects stand out from the crowd by collaborating with those in the know. Find a printer who listens to you and what you want instead of talking at you.

Print and Press

Beautifully printed signs, posters, flyers, and brochures can make all the difference at your next big event. They can also speak volumes about your brand if they are posted around town.

Choose the best services in your area that can help you accomplish your printing dreams.

For a quote on your next printing project, contact us today.

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