A few months ago, we discussed the pros and cons of outsourcing the security of your IT infrastructure to a Managed Services Provider (MSP). In the article, we briefly showed you how contracting your IT security to an MSP can save you money. Today, we will expand on how working with an MSP to manage your entire IT network can not only lower costs for businesses of all sizes, but it can also provide an avenue for companies to increase their capital.

Let’s take a closer look at some of these cost benefits:

Lower your overhead. In-house hardware can get very expensive; not to mention, there’s the high cost of the salaries and benefits of the employees who operate the hardware. Outsourcing to an MSP drastically lowers these costs.
Access to expertise and exceptional capabilities. You don’t need to pay for extra training for your in-house IT. An MSP gives you direct access to a collective team of industry-trained IT professionals in a variety of areas.
Focus more on core business projects. Your MSP will ensure that your network is reliable and secure at all times. This frees up your internal team to focus on projects that directly impact the operations and bottom line of your business.
Minimize downtime. If your network goes down, everything comes to a halt. This can cause a major loss in productivity and, consequently, a big loss in money. An MSP will proactively monitor your network to reduce the risk of downtime and ensure to get you back up and running in no time in the event your network does go down.
Increase your security. Security updates change daily. An MSP will stay on top of these changes to make sure you have the right security features in place at all times to protect your business. Securing your data should be a top priority in today’s world of hacking and data branches, both costly expenditures for businesses of all sizes.
Scalability. Scaling your business should be a careful, methodical process. An MSP will design your network to specially meet your current usage while always being ready for future growth.
Connect to the cloud. An MSP will connect your business to the most secure and reliable cloud platforms that make the most sense for your operations. In doing so, efficiency and productivity will go through the roof, maximizing your bottom line.

In the end, the cost savings of a Managed IT provider will help your business get the highest ROI possible. For more information on how Managed IT can benefit business from Greenwood to Fishers to Fishers to Indianapolis and beyond, contact us today.