Top 3 Tips for Smooth Scanning


July 27, 2018


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Scanning any mess of documents is risky business. Many jams occur when little details go overlooked. Countless businesses have suffered from paper jams. Jams can be costly to repair and they generally take away from daily revenue. Some jams even result in damage to the machine, which may result in having to buy a brand new scanner.

Save yourself and your staff the trouble and stress of demystifying the office scanner. Prep your documents for smooth scanning with these easy-to-follow tips!

Tip 1: Remove Metal Before Scanning

The first step when prepping documents for the scanner is to remove any metal.

This includes:

  • Paperclips
  • Staples
  • Brand binder clips

All these will cause jams and damage to your scanner.

Tip 2: Check Paper

Before scanning any set or single document, check for ripped pages. This is commonly overlooked as insignificant when it is anything but.

Ripped paper can become trapped in the scanner which only makes removing the page more difficult.

A great practice to avoid jams is to fan out printing paper before replacing it inside the scanner’s tray.

Tip 3: Clean Your Scanner

The final tip for smooth scanning is to clean your scanner. When replacing ink, check for clumps that you can be dust away. Be certain your scanner is sitting on a flat surface. Dust your scanner often, especially if it exposed throughout the business day. Keeping your scanner clean will ensure better quality scans.

Upgrade the Office

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