To Be or Not To Be: The Social Media Question


November 30, 2015


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“What happens on Social Media stays on Google forever.” 

It’s no laughing matter (even though, yes, it seems a bit silly at times) but social media is important. Where it was initially just a place to connect and communicate with long-lost friends and distant relatives, social media has evolved into a changing, breathing, living thing. It’s extended past the personal sphere of your world and transcended into your professional life as well.

The question then must be, how do you use social media effectively and professionally?

It’s not as hard as it may seem. In fact, it’s encouraged. Platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter can be monumental for your business. There’s a level of engagement and connection that is unparalleled in the business world. Connect with your customers and reach your desired audience. Social media allows you to put a face behind your brand. Show your audience what you’re really about, what values you have, and how your business exemplifies the “best of the best.”

There are positives and negatives to the proverbial social media train. The difficulty lies within the fine line between personal and professional and, let’s face it, it’s not Facebook or Twitter’s; that lies within the user, or conductor so to speak.

Skirting that edge of personal and professional can be hard line to follow, so how can you leverage your time so that you’re making the most of the success social media has to offer while also staying within appropriate parameters?

The first car of business on your social media train should be segmenting your personal life from your professional life. Your business page should be just that,  your “Business Page.” Facebook offers a specific platform for businesses. Connect with your audience on this platform and enjoy additional features that allow you to build your business, create offers and promotions, answer questions, and gather reviews.

It doesn’t have to be all rigid, though. Remember the “social” aspect of these platforms and let your customers know the fun side of your business. Use these platforms as an opportunity to introduce your products and services as well as your staff!

And let’s face it, a picture of a puppy never hurt anyone!

Social media can be as easy, fun, and successful as you make it. Use your social media responsibly and don’t forget its main goal; to connect, engage, and build your business. The best part of your business is the customer; don’t let them forget it.



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