Tips for Fixing the Office Copy Machine


January 2, 2018


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Your copy machine helps with several areas of your company. But what happens when your copy machine breaks? Production stops running smoothly, right? And it probably feels a bit chaotic in the office when the copy machine stops working.

So, how do you go about fixing your copy machine? Do you fix it yourself or call a professional?

Fortunately, you can usually fix the copy machine with a little DIY. But there are times when you will need to call a professional.

Read these tips, get that copy machine fixed, and get work back on schedule. Here are some tips when fixing the office copy machine yourself.

Paper Jams

One of the most common reasons for office copy machine failure is paper jams.

It’s a super easy fix and should even cause the most technically inept little frustration. But you should always check the paper compartment and see if this is truly the issue.

Open up the paper compartment.

You’ll want to look for crumbled paper, incorrect or varying page sizes, too much paper, and fallen debris. These issues can easily be resolved by removing the excess, incorrect, or damaged paper, and picking out any debris.

But what if you find damage in the compartment, such as a broken part? You’ll have to call a professional.

Ink Issues

When you copy a document, is the ink visible? Or does the ink look chaotic and not uniform? Your copy machine is having ink issues. Maybe your black ink works fine, but your color ink is coming up blurry or uneven.

This could simply mean you need to buy more ink. But issues within the ink cartridge need to be fixed by a professional.

Pull out the ink cartridge and make sure your ink is low.

Look at your printer program and see if there’s a low ink warning. If your ink is filled and your software isn’t reporting any issues, you need to get your ink cartridge fixed by a professional.


If your copy machine is old or overused, it can overheat.

When your copy machine is overheating, it’s the first sign of other issues. These issues can be as simple as a busy copy machine but can be as severe as worn parts that need to be replaced.

If your copy machine is overheating, turn it off and unplug it. Let it cool down for a minute.

After a little while, plug it in and turn it back on. It probably needed some rest. You’ll know something is wrong is the copy machine is still hot, the fan is running ramped, and if there are warning messages displayed.

In this case, you may need to get the machine repaired. But make sure you ask for a quote first — it may be more worth it to buy a new copy machine.

Do You Need to Fix the Office Copy Machine?

Most copy machine errors are simple and can be fixed DIY. But some issues are more severe and require repairs or a replacement copy machine. Always check your owner’s manual or call the brand to clarify any issues or repairs.

Don’t ever procrastinate when your copy machine experiences issue. Act immediately to avoid further damage.

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