Psychology of Color


October 22, 2014


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There is a psychology to color that most don’t realize. If you are a highly visual business that is still operating with a black and white machine, it may be time to reconsider. Color can influence what others feel or think about a particular brand. Are you making the most of your business? Check out what colors are associated with what feelings below!

White and Grey – White and grey are viewed as clean. Often associated with calm, white and grey can also create a sense of balance and purity. Neutral greys can give an aura of sophistication and business. Be careful with grey though, too much can be seen as drab or depressing. Consider: Apple, New York Times, Nike

Yellow and Orange – Yellow and orange are bold colors that are usually seen as cheerful but are also synonymous with caution. Yellow is often used on caution signs and also activate the anxiety portion of the brain in infants. Yellow and orange are often used in sale signs to promote urgency, make the buyer anxious that they’ll miss out on a sale, and to increase visibility with the bold colors. Consider: Chevrolet, National Geographic, Amazon

Red – Red is a power color! It is urgent and very eye-catching. Red is often associated with stimulation (blood, increased appetite). You can find a lot of red in restaurants and fast food places. Red triggers warmth or urgency depending on the context. Consider CNN, Netflix, Virgin

Green– Green is synonymous with health and nature. It’s a peaceful color that we are seeing more and more in our eco-conscious and environmental aware world. Green can be associated with harmony and calm feelings. Think nature and what it stands for, all these feelings of balance, peace, and unity, correlate with the color green. Consider: Starbucks, Whole Foods, Publix

Purple – Purple is the color of royalty, and as a result is seen as wise and respectful. Purple is creative, intelligent, and associated with generosity. Consider: Hallmark, Yahoo!, Aussie

Blue – When you think of blue, think of water; constant, strong, tranquil. Blue is seen as trustworthy and reliable. It can promote productivity and is one of the most used colors in a business or corporate setting. Consider: IBM, JPMorgan, GE

Black – Black is luxurious and professional. It is synonymous with authority and clean edges. Black is used a lot with high-end brands or products. Consider: Jaguar, Puma, Honda


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