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December 19, 2016

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When most people think “Print,” Facebook doesn’t usually come to mind. While it’s not the most important aspect of your business, you should invest some time and energy into Facebook and various social media channels.

In recent years, social media has created a hub of opportunity for businesses in every industry. Yes, that includes print. You cannot beat the engagement opportunity, brand building, and the chance to show up right in their news feed.

Granted, this doesn’t happen instantly. Businesses need to focus on three core ideas; audience, engagement, and conversions.

Finding Your Audience

Social media is a great way to create warm prospects. Your social media activity should be geared towards making sure that you have a constant stream of potential new customers to contact. These people will be happy to talk to you. You’ll have a very different conversation compared to cold calling a prospect.

The first car of business on your social media train should be segmenting your personal life from your professional life. Your business page should be just that, your “Business Page.” Facebook offers a specific platform for businesses. Connect with your audience on this platform and enjoy additional features that allow you to build your business, create offers and promotions, answer questions, and gather reviews.

Engagement is Key

Social media is social. Make sure to respond to your customers, reply to comments and reviews. Facebook, in particular, is an incredible platform to engage directly to your customers. Use your platforms to build your brand, solidify your presence, and become the voice of authority for your industry and area.

Climbing Conversions

Here comes the most important part. Conversions is what turns users into customers. This can be tricky as you don’t want to appear to sales-y. Staying genuine is key. Facebook allows businesses to create ads with refined targeting. Facebook advertising garners great results; take advantage and invest some budget into online marketing. Choose a strong image, brief messaging, and a compelling call-to-action.

Social media can be as easy, fun, and successful as you make it. Use your social media responsibly and don’t forget its main goal; to connect, engage, and build your business. The best part of your business is the customer; don’t let them forget it.


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