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Office Designs to Improve Productivity - BosBiz

Office Designs to Improve Productivity


May 25, 2018


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Your office design could improve your employee’s productivity!

In our years of experience, Better Office Systems has come to discover that offices are not just printers, copiers, and services. Offices contain people with dreams, desires, and senses.

Stimulating the senses helps people stay grounded, focused and more able to produce good quality work.

Switching up office designs help companies give off better vibes. Here’s why we think staying modern and fresh has its perks.


It’s best to start by looking at the layout of your office space.

Is the layout open or closed? Not sure? Here’s how you can tell!

Take a look around. If there are many walls cutting co-workers off from each other than this is a closed office design. Open layouts is a large open space were most employees congregate.

Tailoring the details to an opened or closed setting makes the room more appealing to employees. You’ll also be able to better choose decorations, lighting, or lounge spaces that’ll provide optimal comfort.

Ensuring your employee’s comfort will lessen their stress and increase their productivity!

Conference area

One of the most significant areas in an office design is a conference area.

Many modern office designs have implemented glass walls. Many installation companies offer products like privacy glass to allow for important business meetings. Privacy glass is generally recommended for companies that meet with clients. The private setting lets the client feel more at ease to share personals concerns.

Room dividers are also great office design additions for companies that have multiple meetings throughout the day. Like glass walls, room dividers can be clear glass or privacy glass. Privacy glass is frosted to limit visibility inside and outside the room.

Privacy glass conference rooms tell your employees that a certain area is “off-limits” for a meeting so there will be no unprofessional interruptions. You can feel confident that you’ll be undisturbed by outside distractions.

Lounge area

Aside from the conference area, the lounge or break area is the second most important area in your office design.

Your employees spend most of their time in the office. Having a calm setting to relax and unwind is vital for their productivity. Stress takes a told, so adding in stress relievers like a space for yoga could vastly improve stress levels.

Be an overachiever and go full-Google on your team!

Add in an adult-size jungle-gym or a slide. No one is ever too old for a little recess after lunch. Studies show that even a slight amount of light exercise after eating keeps people healthy!

Think outside the box!

Office work can get boring if you’re not considering alternatives. Spruce up your office design, and we’re certain you’ll see an increased improvement in productivity!

Maybe the work is just too much! Better Office Systems is here to help.

Don’t let the work pile on! Give us a call (770) 781-1628 for some reinforcement. We’ll walk you through our products to find the right fit that suits your needs!


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