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managed-print-pharosWith the Secure Release Here confidential printing feature, users can submit their print jobs, then from the device most convenient for them they can release the job to be printed right there, regardless of where they’re located. If you’re a student doing research in the library, you no longer have to print to a library printer. Secure Release Here enables you to collect your jobs anywhere: in the student center, the science complex, the lobby of the main residence hall, etc. If you’re an administrator printing a confidential document on a shared network printer, you no longer have to jog to the printer to claim your printout before someone else reads it. The job will wait for you.

Here’s how Secure Release Here works. After submitting print jobs from their computer, users simply:

  • Walk up to any Pharos-enabled printer and authenticate themselves by swiping their campus card
  • Select and release their jobs using the Pharos print release screen, and then collect their printouts
  • The Pharos-enabled printer could be an integrated multifunction printer (iMFP) or a printer connected to a Pharos Omega PS150 or Pharos Omega PS60.

Secure Release Here offers numerous benefits:

  • Cost savings − Saves money by reducing print volumes, allowing confidential documents to be printed safely on cost-effective network printers, and eliminating the need for expensive 4-hour or same-day service (if a printer is down, users simply release their jobs at another printer)
  • Green printing − Significantly reduces printing waste because users release only the jobs they really need, unreleased jobs are eventually deleted by the system, and banner pages are unnecessary
  • Document security − Holds jobs until their owners arrive at the printer and release them
  • Device security − Ensures that only authorized people can use your devices
  • Flexibility − Gives users the ability to release their print jobs at any Pharos-enabled device

Secure Release Here also captures walk-up/copy usage, frees IT from having to manage hundreds of print queues and various print drivers, and eliminates piles of unclaimed printouts.

Institutions that have implemented Uniprint with Secure Release Here have seen printing waste plummet. They’re saving money, helping the environment, and making printing friendlier for students, faculty, and staff.