How to Choose Your Print Marketing Materials

How to Choose Your Print Marketing Materials


October 4, 2017

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Even though social media is changing the way companies attract business, print marketing is still an effective way to gain more customers. In fact, 56 percent of people find print marketing to be the most trustworthy of all marketing channels.

Your business still needs print marketing materials, but choosing the right ones can be difficult. Business cards, flyers, posters – which are right for you? How do you come up with a design?

In this guide, you’ll learn which materials you should invest in and what to look for in a design. Keep reading to make the most of your print marketing campaign.

Which Print Marketing Materials Do You Need?

You can engage with your audience through many forms of print marketing. Here are a few you may want to consider.


For a more thoughtful way to communicate with your customers, try a cost-effective postcard. Studies show that postcards may even be more effective than email marketing because they are less intrusive.


Flyers are an effective way to let people know about a promotion your company is running or an event you have coming up. Always include a call to action, emphasizing the most important details of the event. Those in event management will definitely want to use flyers as their print marketing materials.

Business cards

Business cards are handy for professionals who are always networking. They are essentially a way for the person you’re connecting with to remember you and get in touch with you. Lawyers, financial planners and most professionals can benefit from having a business card.


Brochures allow you to give your audience a snapshot into what your business offers. You have more room to showcase features and benefits and add color with enticing images. People who are in real estate can benefit from having a brochure to give new home buyers.


Catalogs offer a visual representation of all of your company’s products. These are great to have with you if you’re meeting with a prospect who you know is looking to buy your product. Network marketers and sales representatives will want to have catalogs as part of their print marketing materials.

You may need a few of these materials for different purposes, or you may find that your type of business only needs to invest in one type. Either way, your print marketing materials are the first impression of your business and should look attractive.

Creating the Perfect Print Design

The right colors and font choices can make a big impact on the effectiveness of your print marketing materials. Here are a few tips for deciding on these crucial elements.


When choosing fonts, it’s important to work with a couple versus only using one font. Aim to create a visual contrast, using one font for titles and headings and a different font for your body text.

Your font should be easy to read but also eye-catching. Optimize legibility by including enough white space in your text.

Also, consider your brand’s values and personality when selecting a font. For example, a health-conscious company might go for a natural, handwritten look while a technical might go for a bold, minimalist font.


Colors play an important role in marketing because of their persuasion effects. In fact, up to 90 percent of snap judgments made about products are based on color alone.

Instead of trying to find the right color associated with a certain emotion you hope to elicit from your audience, the color choice should first and foremost represent your brand. Use colors that best represent that feeling and mood of your own brand versus trying to match consumer responses. Color in your print marketing materials should support your brand personality.

Printing Services

Determine which print marketing materials you may need to best communicate with your target audience. Keep your brand personality in mind when making design choices. With attractive materials, your prospects are sure to become loyal customers.

Need help with your print marketing campaign? Check out our managed print services that will help you increase your brand while sticking to your budget.


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