The Future of Printing

The Future of Printing


October 24, 2016

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bosbiz-october-blogThere is future in print.

That’s right! No tricks, just treats! Print is getting the makeover it’s needed for years, and we have technology to thank.

Better Office Solutions is watching the future very closely. Atlanta businesses can rest easy knowing that office solutions are propelling their services, and new technology is on the way. It’s hard to give your customers the support and service they need when, internally, you’re struggling with your own processes. Get peace of mind and take control of your office with print opportunities that are redefining print.

Remember, it’s not competition, it’s cooperation.

Innovations in the Industry

The latest print innovation is so small, you may miss it!

PocketScan is making a big impact in the secret corridors of the print industry. The latest innovations are not always on the front page, but this new, nifty device may change that. PocketScan is making scanners smaller, lighter, and – quite frankly – cooler!

Scanning sounds like an archaic process but the truth is that we all still use the function. The PocketScan is now giving businesses the opportunity to say goodbye to bulky single-unit scanners and say hello to your new best friend. This handheld scanner can be used on virtually any flat service. Simply slide the device across the page and text instantly turns into Microsoft Word documents, data in tables is easily converted into Excel spreadsheets, and it even translates foreign languages in real time. This is possible thanks to the patented real time image processing software powering the device and piecing together the digital renderings. As long as it’s flat, the PocketScan will capture it.

What’s better than scanning? Printing, of course. If you’re wishing, “Man, I wish they had a tiny printer,” we’ve got good news for you!

ZUtA Labs a start-up company from Israel, has followed PocketScan’s footsteps to create a miniature printer that, get this, you can fit in your pocket. The printer, which is 10.2 cm in diameter and weighs a measly 350g, allows you to print multiple pages on the go. It looks slightly like a Ouija planchette sliding across the page, but don’t be afraid it’s not powered by ghosts. Instead, this small printer runs with a single ink cartridge and prints at 1-1.2 pages a minute. It doesn’t operate at the speed of your HP or Ricoh, but it is a step in an exciting new direction for the print industry.

Companies have been scratching their heads, discussing practical ways to go paperless. The PocketScan and the ZUtA printer’s are innovations that inspire us that print doesn’t have to disappear entirely, it just needs to shift in its thinking.

Planning for the Future

Better Office System is inspired by the future. We believe that print will never truly disappear but it definitely will shift. It’s natural to adapt with the environment. We can’t wait to see where print will go next.

With our innovative solutions, your office can create an efficient and cost-effective management solution without sacrificing security or information. The team at BOSBiz is trained in technological and practical fields. If you have any questions about your Document Management or IT Solutions, or are simply looking for an easier way to cut costs, contact us today!


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