A Complete Guide to Buying Office Copiers

A Complete Guide to Buying Office Copiers


September 5, 2017

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Academic discussions about the paperless office appear in business magazines almost every year. Even so, most businesses depend on paper.

Everything from quarterly reports to marketing collateral gets printed up and passed around. Contracts and tax documents get printed and filed. The workhorse at the heart of all this printing is the humble copier.

While regular maintenance can extend the life of office copiers, you should expect to replace yours every 3 to 5 years. The smart move is to pick one before yours breaks down. That’s why we’ve prepared this guide to buying office copiers.

Let’s jump in!

Copier Types

If you run a one or two-person business with low printing demands, you can probably get away with a personal copier. You’ll have to choose between laser and inkjet, but laser tends to be cheaper on a per page basis.

If you run a multi-person office with moderate to high printing demands, you’ll need a true office copier. These machines typically use a printing process similar to laser printers. The higher end copiers offer additional features, such as faxing and networked printing.

Office Copiers Speeds and Volume

You’ll also need to consider printing speeds and volume.

Every machine will be capable of a certain number of pages per minute. If your staff needs to make a lot of copies, a higher ppm will help to prevent a traffic jam around the copier.

Each machine will also have a recommended volume of pages per month. The volume of your new copier should exceed your current needs to accommodate future growth. You usually get usage data from the old copier or tally estimates from your employees.

Auto Document Feeder

If you need to make copies of a lot of long documents, you’ll almost certainly want to invest in a copier with an auto document feeder.

With the auto feed, all you need to do is put the document into the appropriate tray. The machine pulls the pages inside, scans them, and then prints up the however many copies you selected. While the machine does that, you can go back to work.

If you do get an auto document feed copier, you want one that collates the pages. This frees you from organizing the individual pages afterward.


A feature that’s helpful in offices with high printing demands is duplexing.

This feature takes scans of two individual pages and prints them onto the front and back of a single page. It’s an easy way to cut your paper costs.

Duplex copying can be slower than single side copying. You’ll want to be sure that duplex ppm rate is fast enough before you buy or lease a specific copier.

Parting Thoughts

With so many office copiers on the market, you don’t want to pick one in a rush.

You new copier needs the features that are mission critical for your business, such as networked printing or fax options. You also need a copier that’s fast enough and has sufficient volume to meet your present and future print demands.

Finances permitting, you may also want to invest in features that make life easier or help cut costs.

Better Office Systems specializes in office equipment. If you need help picking out the right copier for your business, contact us today.


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