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October 28, 2015

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Strip your office down to its bare bones and take control. If you’re drowning in an endless array of information, papers are pouring in, and important folders are gathering dust and being pushed farther than the stack, it’s time to revive your office’s document management with a breath of fresh air.

The business climate of today is blessed with the technology we have at our disposal. We no longer have to rely on records and files that take up space, time, and need intensive management. Better Office Systems offers state-of-the-art Document Output Management that will dust off the cobwebs that are lingering around your office.

Print With Creepy Confidence and Control

Printing costs can represent a huge part of your company’s expenditures. No one knows this better than the Managed Print Experts at Better Office Systems. That’s why we offer a variety of intuitive, innovative solutions designed to help you manage, optimize, protect and control your company’s printing volume and expenses.

Print Audit                        

Know exactly where your money is going and how it’s being managed. Your print environment should be as transparent as your resident Friendly Ghost, Casper. By providing an exact picture of your company’s printing volume and expenses our team helps you better control costs.


This all-in-one solution combines the advantages of many different solutions that all provide roaming and secure printing, as well as copying, emailing, faxing and scanning control, with the added benefit of centralized auditing.


Pharos, like the name suggest, oversees your entire operation. Pharos solutions help customers track, monitor, audit, and control their print and copy assets to reduce waste, optimize performance, and securely release documents.

PREO Printelligence MPS

PREO Printelligence MPS is an application that allows you to assess your company’s printing, down to each individual user, monitor it and ultimately, control it.

Better Office Systems is offering Atlanta and Alpharetta businesses the chance to modernize their office without sacrificing security or information. All of our technicians are trained experts in their field. If you have any questions about your print environment, costs, or are simply looking for an easier way to manage your documents, contact us today!



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