The Doorway to a Better IT Structure

The Doorway to a Better IT Structure


February 15, 2017

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doorway to a better it structureIn the print industry, we are focused and committed to the environment and its future. Innovations in technology and greener mindsets have helped pave the way to a better system of doing business, managing workflow, all while improving sustainability. Better Office System is exploring ways to innovate and do our part in the industry. Through services like office assessments, Managed Print Services, and recycling programs; Better Office Systems have created alternative to help the printing world reduce waste, recycle and cut costs all while giving you the tools for a better IT structure.

Managed Print Services is the doorway to a systematic, strong IT structure. Our team offers Managed Print Services, an easy way to reduce the cost of printing, help teach you how to print from mobile devices, and eliminate unnecessary printing. It’s not just helpful for the office, it’s sustainable too! Paired with a comprehensive office assessment, Managed Print Services can can save waste with mobile printing.

Mobile printing is creating a more convenient way to print while Managed Print Services is changing the way you look at printing.

A simple evaluation, a few configurations and we are able to see how much you print, the ways in which your office prints, and explore what we can do to help you in certain areas. Our team and professional technicians satisfy your needs, business expectations, and ensure that your machine is working efficiently and effectively for your workload.

We will “develop a roadmap for your ideal future state, including cost savings projections”.

Office assessment, Managed Print Services, recycling and sustainable options; Better Office Systems really does it all.

Managed IT Services

So, what can you expect from Managed IT Services? With Better Office Systems, you can expect the following and much, more!

  • 24/7 maintenance over your entire IT environment (Network servers, Desktops, Mobile devices, etc.)
  • Identify and analyze servers for possible issues
  • Restructure processes and/or services that are unsuccessful
  • Monitor servers and ensure security patches and anti-virus protocols are updated
  • Ensure that all data backups are completed
  • Manage and ensure mobile devices are secure

Improving Your IT Structure in Atlanta

Better Office System is dedicated to making your day at the office easier. Choose a team that works with your office and IT team for a seamless experience that keeps you secure.

The team at Better Office Systems is trained in technological and practical fields. If you have any questions about your Managed Print Services or IT Solutions, or if you’re simply looking for an easier way to cut costs, contact us today!


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