Beginner’s Guide to Fax Machine Troubleshooting


February 2, 2018


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Are you experiencing fax machine issues in the office?

If so, we can’t blame you. Equipment like copy machines and fax machines are tricky with their sensors, motors, and moving parts. And when it comes to fax machine troubleshooting, kicking the machine or slamming it over and over isn’t enough to get it back up and running.

In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about fax machine troubleshooting so you can easily take care of the problem if it arises at work.

You Can Send Faxes But Not Receive Them

If you’re unable to receive faxes, you should check with your phone company to see if you have any of these phone services on:

These services are designed to block unwanted calls, so it’s possible they’re also preventing you from receiving important faxes. If you’re experiencing this issue, you should contact your phone company and ask them to turn off the feature so you can start receiving your faxes again.

You Can Receive Faxes But Not Send Them

Are you unable to send faxes? If so, double check that you’ve entered the fax number correctly and included all of the necessary digits. It’s also possible that your fax machine has a poor connection, which will make it difficult to send out faxes.

If your fax machine is experiencing errors, you should check the machine manual or call the manufacturer to determine what is causing it. If the errors are related to communication, you should check to see if the phone line is fully plugged in and that you can clearly hear the dial tone. If you can’t hear this dial tone, call your phone company and have them inspect your line for any interferences.

You’re Experiencing Paper Jams

Paper jams are one of the most common (and frustrating) fax machine troubleshooting issues. If you have a smaller fax machine, the jam is most likely located in the document feeder or the printing area. If you have an industrial fax machine, there may be a sensor that will indicate exactly where the paper jam.

The best way to remove jammed paper from the fax machine is to pull the jammed paper in the way it naturally travels. if you pull it the other way, you’re likely to damage the wheels and gears of the system or leave bits of the paper stuck in the machine.

Your Documents Have Poor Image Quality

Another extremely fax machine problem is poor image quality.

Often times, pages will come out too dark or faded or have streaks and strange spots. You can address this issue by changing the darkness or density setting on the machine.

Final Thoughts on Fax Machine Troubleshooting Issues

Dealing with fax machine issues can be tedious and tiresome, but also easily fixed! If you follow the troubleshooting tips in this article, you’ll have your machine fixed in no time, and leave coworkers impressed by your rapid recovery skills.

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