3 Questions Every Business Should Be Asking About Print


April 1, 2016

Corporate, Document Management, Print Audit

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Policy is just a fancy word if it’s not maintained properly.

One of the most important things you can do for you company is to put effective policy in place. Don’t just walk the walk, talk the talk.

A printing policy, for example, can transform your business. From paper to presentations, efficient and smart printing can cut costs and boost productivity. To often, companies are finding themselves needlessly spending or wasting valuable time on processes that can be dealt with in other efficient ways.

Proposing and enforcing a printing policy can help your business and employees better manage their time and prints. A printing policy at its core, outlines rules and standards regarding how employees can print. This can include everything from establishing limits on how many pages each employee can print, to mandatory default settings.

It’s important to realize that this is not a one-size-fits-all arrangement. What works for a small business is not going to work for an enterprise. Before you begin the process of creating a printing policy that will be enforced company-wide, you should ask yourself (and your team!) these questions:

Do you have the support?

Without buy-in from top executives, you can’t really establish any company-wide policies. But, more than that, you also need Printing Management to agree to abide by any printing policies that are put in place so they can demonstrate proper printing behaviors for all employees.

Does your office have the right equipment?

It’s easy to establish rules, but it’s much more difficult to actually enforce them. Do you have the right equipment that ensures employees use both sides of the paper, or only releases print jobs when an employee enters their ID number at the MFP?

Some older equipment might not have these functionalities, so it could be time to upgrade to more advanced and energy-efficient hardware.

Would a Document Management solution help your business?

Employees often use printers unnecessarily because they lack the tools and resources to go paperless. Relying too heavily on paper documents is costly, inefficient, and requires the use and storage of lots of paper. But a document management system is designed to automate document processes, thereby significantly reducing the need to print.

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