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5 Ways to Build Your Selling Skills | Better Office Systems

5 Ways to Build Your Selling Skills

5 Ways to Build Your Selling Skills


January 17, 2017

Better Office Systems, Blog

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Selling is a cog in every business, every industry.

Dust off your training and learn some new tips and tricks to increase sales. Better Office Systems is laying the bricks so you can build a great year in sales.

Confidence is Key

The truth is, selling doesn’t come naturally to everyone. When you’re in the conference room and your palms begin to sweat, take a deep breath. Confidence is the key to selling, regardless of whether or not it’s genuine or feigned. People buy from who they like, who they believe knows what they’re doing. Be passionate about your product or service and your enthusiasm will catch on.

Know What You’re Selling

This sounds obvious, but you would be surprised to find out that not everyone knows what they’re talking about. When it comes to sales, most people assume they’ll just “wing it” but all it takes is a specific line of questioning for your pitch to unravel. When you claim to be the expert on a subject, make sure you are an expert, or at least pretty darn close to it.

Practice, Practice Practice!

Your sales pitch is a continuous conversation, but you should still know your lines! Practice your pitch in the mirror, on your way to work, or jot it down! Writing what you want to convey helps you find the words easier. Ask questions and let the customer discuss their needs, wants, and what the future of their business looks like.

Be Courteous

No one wants the “car salesman” pitch. Not to disparage car dealerships, but their selling tactic (at least in the past) was built on pushy sales techniques. This doesn’t go over that well today. Treat your customers how you would like to be treated; with honesty, respect, and understanding. Deciding to buy, especially expensive products or services, is already a stressful task. Don’t make it harder for your customer, make it easier.

Know your style and works best for you. Your personality is what gives you a unique advantage. Stay in tune with how you sell, how you would want to be sold to, and, of course, how your customer likes to be spoken to. Some people like reminders while others find follow-ups rude and unappealing. Know who you’re selling to and, above all, stay courteous.

Build to a Natural Conclusion

The issue with many sales pitches is it feels too much like a volley and less like a conversation. In the sales cycle, most people are just waiting for their turn to speak and not listening to what the customer is saying. Rise above that selling mentality and be the choice that clearly cares. Conversations are easier to gauge and usually have a clear marker when it’s time to ask the customer for their decision. Most customers prefer honest and direct leadership. There is no harm in simply asking.


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