5 Tips For Successful BYOD


September 4, 2014


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There are pros and cons to Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) in the workplace. Having a portable mobile device specifically tailored to your business is efficient and convenient, however, some companies implement BYOD without a plan. Better Office Systems is committed to your businesses success which includes your policies and plans for a concise and productive work environment. In this day and age everyone has a smartphone. Technology has made communicating (in virtually every sense) instantaneous. A solid BYOD will maximize your productivity and give everyone in your office a better understanding of the program. Implementing a solid and steady policy will eliminate confusion and improve productivity.

1. Specify

Be clear and specific when you implement your BYOD plan. Specify what devices will be permitted to avoid confusion and challenges. There are many more options now, from Blackberry’s to iOS devices, tablets, and handhelds-your employees should know exactly what devices are available.

2. Security

Do you have a security policy for your mobile devices? It is important to your success and future to have a security plan in check to avoid any issues with data and information loss. Even the simplest ideas (passwords, locks) that are usually seen as an inconvenience, can make the difference between loss of information.

3. Service

Make sure your employees know their service plan, their boundaries, and restrictions. Their device is different than just a personal device. Answer questions and limit confusion about grey areas such as the level of support they will receive, applications allowed and installed, support for said applications, Help Desk and ticketing problems, loner devices, etc.

4. Servers

Your employees should know what applications and security measures they should implement to protect their data and information on their devices. You should clearly state what wiping the phone will erase in the case of a stolen or missing device. This includes your employees personal information on the devices. Discuss the pros and cons of various ideas and the implications of personal information on the device and how to back up their information.

5. Strategy

Plan for the future and possible hiccups. Employees may pick a different career path and you need to be prepared with an exit strategy regarding the device so information can be saved while the applications and programs are erased. Help your employees throughout the exit process with a clear and concise strategy.


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