5 Things You Didn’t Know About Your Office Copier

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Your Office Copier


March 30, 2018

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It’s hard to imagine life without office copiers.

They have become as familiar a feature in the workplace as coffee makers and paper clips. But are you getting the most out of your copier?

You’d be shocked at just how versatile modern copiers are. Many of them are designed with features that most of us might never have explored or taken advantage of.

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Your Office Copier

Despite the name, the typical office copier provides a lot of depth, yet nearly no one knows how to unlock this hidden potential, until now.

1. Scan Paper Documents to Make Editable Electronic Documents

How many times have you retyped a document in order to make changes because it’s only available in paper format? This can be such a waste of valuable time. Even worse, perhaps your computer crashed and the document wasn’t saved, and now it’s lost forever, except for the single hard copy on your desk.

It’s as simple as scanning your hard copy into the office copier directly into Microsoft Word or a PDF.

2. Create Mail-Ready Envelopes

Using the office copy machine to print mail-ready envelopes takes a huge amount of time out of the process of starting a direct mail campaign. There’s no need to have a specialized envelope printer

An office copier with envelope-printing capabilities can print directly onto envelopes, including address information that changes from envelope to envelope.

3. Track Costs

Copy paper and toner can be one of the most significant sources of spending in any office. Hundreds if not thousands of pages of documents are churned out by each of these machines each and every day of the year. This is both expensive and bad for the environment.

Your office copier makes it easy to track company, departmental, and even individual printing patterns in order to determine precisely how much is being spent on printing. This helps to better measure inefficiencies and cut costs.

4. Scan to Email and Scan to the Cloud

Multifunction copiers make it possible to greatly reduce paper usage from your workflow.

These office copiers allow you to establish pre-set inboxes to use as destinations for scanned documents, or to send to various cloud-based storage services.

5. Document Security

Today’s copy machines have the ability to encrypt documents that are scanned and stored on your network.

Other great security features include the use of individual PIN codes, login photos, and proximity cards. These features restrict access and usage to documents and workflows on the copier panel itself.

The Hidden Secrets of Your Copier

Multi-Function Products, or MFP’s, are loaded with features to help save your company money and to enable the office to run more smoothly and efficiently. With a few simple clicks, you are able to save valuable time and resources, while keeping your documents secure.

These machines are designed with advanced technology that often times go completely unused and ignored. Taking the time to learn these seemingly hidden features can change the way you perform day to day tasks by saving valuable man-hours.

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