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5 Reasons Your Office NEEDS Mobility

5 Reasons Your Office NEEDS Mobility


July 11, 2016

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Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)–not to be confused with BYOB!–is the next step in complete connectivity and mobility!

It’s the life we’re living–our mobile phones are within each 24/7, in the office as well as outside of it. Now, you can leverage the ease and accessibility of your mobile device by implementing efficient BYOD practices into your everyday work life.

As with anything, BYOD has its own pros and cons associated with it. The biggest issue is the lack of uniformity among your employees. This can be solved by investing in unique, convenient devices for the office.

Having a smart, mobile device that is tailored to your business has incalculable benefits. Imagine being able to communicate with your office, customers, and third party vendors at the click of a button. Print from anywhere, get the documents you need when you need them, and enjoy complete connectivity and essential communication.

Better Office Systems is committed to your businesses success. That includes your policies and plans for a concise and productive work environment. Implementing an efficient BYOD plan maximizes your offices productivity and gives your employees a newfound sense of freedom and purpose.

Take control of your office with these 5 reasons to commit to BYOD!

#1. Specification

Specify your BYOD plan clearly. Employees that know the intricate ins and outs of the BYOD platform and plan will be more successful in their endeavors and minimize troubleshooting. Don’t hesitate to make a booklet of best practices so that your employees can thrive. Let them know what devices are permitted, what programs should be installed, and their endless technical options and support.

#2. Security

Stay secure even while you scroll. Implement an inclusive security plan for your mobiles devices. In the event of an accident or emergency, it’s vital to have a plan to avoid service, data, and any information losses.

Feel secure and thrive with a comprehensive security plan that tackles every possible issue.

#3. Service

Before your employees get started on their new mobile endeavor, ensure that they know their service plan, boundaries, and restrictions.

A business mobile device is not a personal device.

Answer questions and limit confusion about grey areas such as the level of support they will receive, applications allowed and installed, support for said applications, Help Desk and ticketing problems, loner devices, etc.

#4. Servers

Know what applications and security measures should be implemented to protect data and information on your employee’s devices. Discuss pros and cons of various ideas and the implications of personal information on the device and how to back up their information.

Mobility in the workplace is as efficient as we make it.

#5. Strategy

An efficient BYOD plan doesn’t stop when you hand your employees the device–that’s where it begins!

Plan for the future and possible hiccups to eliminate any time and data loss. Time changes, employees may come and go. In the event of a resignations, be prepared with an exit strategy regarding the device so information can be saved while applications and programs are erased. Help your employees throughout the exit process with a clear and concise strategy.

Mobility in Alpharetta

Our team is waiting by our own mobile to answer your questions. Contact us today to discover cost-efficient, smart mobile solutions for a completely connected business environment!

While you’re at it, “Like” Better Office Systems on Facebook! Follow our page and be the first to get mobile, time-saving tips!


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