5 Document Management Myths Debunked


November 18, 2016

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Document management is the next step towards complete control and ease in the office. Yet, so many businesses remain uninformed, clinging to false facts concerning what it means to go digital.

Better Office Systems is all about the future. We’re debunking common Document Management tips and sticking to the truth!

Myth #1: “I need an IT department and my business doesn’t have a team.”

Not necessarily! Going digital is a big undertaking, from top to bottom. What many businesses seem to forget, however, is that it is a gradual process. When you cut any big process into bite-sized chunks it becomes much more manageable.

Don’t jump off the deep end. From the first digital document to the last, continue to educate every member of your staff from the sales team to the HR department. You’re never alone; give our team a call if you find yourself at a loss. We are your IT department.

Myth #2: “I can trust paper more than digital processes.”

Tangibility goes a long way but the fact is, it takes up a lot of space. Many people are hesitant to go completely digital, but it’s not as scary as it sounds. Digitizing your documents simply means they’ll be more available and accessible to your team. Ctrl+F, the keyboard shortcut to find a document, will become your new best friend. Find the digital documents you need, and keep digital copies of what you must. Your business doesn’t need to entirely forego paper, just a small fraction.

Myth #3: “My business can’t just go paperless.”

Remember what we discussed in Myth #1. It’s all a process; it’s gradual. It feels like a large undertaking, because, frankly, it is. That, however, does not mean it’s not doable. Thousands of companies are making the digital shift to save cost, improve visibility, and stay current.

Myth #4: “It’s not practical!”

It is. It really is.

In fact, going digital is among the most practical things your business will do. Imagine not having to sift through box after box for that particular form that was signed two years ago. Save time, effort, and eventually, cost by scanning documents to the cloud now.

Going digital also means a more secure system for your business. In the event of a cyber or natural disaster, you can have the peace of mind, knowing that your most vital documents are safe and sound.

Myth #5: “We just went digital! Now my whole team will start using it!”

This sounds misleading, but it is a myth. We call it a myth because new processes need to be taught. It’s not just up to upper-management, every member of your team needs to know how to digitize a document and where to find them. Simply letting them “figure out” will only exacerbate things and halt the learning curve. When the team doesn’t know how to do it, documents never go digital. In fact, organizations typically find that less than 50% of their documents ever make it into the document management system.

Educate and incorporate.

Document Management in Atlanta

Better Office Systems is offering Atlanta and Alpharetta businesses the chance to improve productivity with advanced Document Management opportunities.

With our innovative solutions, your office can create an efficient and cost-effective management solution without sacrificing security or information. The team at Better Office Systems is trained in technological and practical fields. If you have any questions about your Document Management or IT Solutions, or are simply looking for an easier way to cut costs, contact us today!


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