3 Tips to Avoid Paper Jams


August 27, 2018

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You’ve opened for business. There is a line of people waiting at your front desk. Then, the unthinkable happens–your paper jams in the only office printer! You start to panic…

Paper jams are common in all office settings. Some companies may even experience jams on a daily basis.

Not only do jams disrupt workflow, they cause an inconvenience your customers. They’re also a hassle for your staff to try and fix.

We’ve got a better office solution for you! Over the years we’ve learned tips and tricks about printers.

Read on for our top three tips is avoiding paper jams.

Tip #1 Check the Paper to Avoid Paper Jams

Check the corners of your paper for bent edges.

You’ll want to focus on weeding out any pages that appear wrinkled or damaged. Recycle any pages that have tears.

The goal is to keep paper from getting stuck in the conveyor belt inside the printer.

Tip #2 Don’t Overfill Your Printer Tray

This tip is key for avoiding paper jams.

Overfilling a printer can cause the printer to malfunction. You might receive various alerts or error messages.

Paper measurements are also important to consider. What kind of paper are you using? What does your input tray allow?

Put the correct type of paper in a tray to the specified level. Overfilling will cause other pages to get snagged during printing. Also, using the correct size paper will ensure better quality prints.

Tip #3 Fan It out

When refilling your printer, fan out the stack.

Fanning out the stack helps separate pages that may be stuck together. This practice also helps the printer.

It makes it easier for the printer to grab one page at a time. This minimizes paper jams because many pages the printer won’t grab all the paper at once.

Better Office Systems

If you’re having trouble with your office printer, let us help! We’re experts in the business and want to improve your daily efficiency.

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